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Who Needs A Large Format Printer

epson-large-format-printersLarge format printers are not intended for the average home user. As the name suggests, these special printers produce larger prints for the purpose such as in art and photography, in engineering, in advertising etc.

Some large format printers can occupy entire single room space.  For businesses and organizations that have larger printing needs, this special printer can save time and money from having prints made elsewhere.

Generally the following types of businesses would benefit from a large format printer:

  • Advertising agencies: They need large format printers to prepare client presentations and to create samples for advertising campaigns.
  • Museums: As we are aware there is lot of research and study happening behind. For this original work of art cannot be used so instead, they recreate these works of art with large format printers.
  • Schools: Schools create large visual aids using large format printers.