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Dell Nextlife Ink Cartridges – An Economical Choice

Coin JarThis cartridge is Dell’s attempt to go green and to be economic to consumers of printer products. This is done by increasing yield of printer cartridge. And Dell Nextlife Ink Cartridges are capable of doing the above.

Dell invented this cartridge for the following reasons:

  • To minimize impact on environment while manufacturing printer products.
  • These cartridges produce 30 percent less carbon footprints then others in the market.
  • Dell Nextlife Ink cartridges can print 20% more pages then other inkjet cartridges in the market.
  • The packaging is made of 50% post consumer waste and are 100% recyclable.

These cartridges are right choice of consumers looking for affordable printing with environment friendly nature. This printer is being rated excellent when used with HP, Canon, Epson, and Lexmark printers.

Dell also has plans to expand compatibility of Dell Nextlife Ink Cartridges with other higher printer brands. The other feature of Dell Nextlife Ink Cartridges is that it’s as effective as other bands in the market. And from reviews consumers have agreed this cartridge actually yields more prints.

With the increasing concern of consumers and manufacturers towards the environment it is expected that all major printer supply manufacturers might come up with there own line of eco-friendly printer supply.