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Printer Toner Cartridge is Mistaken for a Bomb.

In Allentown, Pennsylvania police blew up a package because it was thought to have a bomb.  The bomb turned out to be a printer ink and toner cartridge.

The Morning Call news reported that the package aroused suspicion once it was found at the city’s PPL center.  The Allentown bomb squad was called to the center once the building and the surrounding buildings were evacuated.  The package was found near the flower beds outside the center in a white box.

The local fire officials were also called in to have the package x-rayed, but the contents of the package could not be identified clearly. So as a precaution the bomb squad detonated the package, handling it as if it was bomb.

One the controlled explosion was over, the package was found to be a toner cartridge.

The Police Captain Stephen Mould stated, “What was in that package was an ink toner cartridges… and they [the bomb squad] believe it may have been part of a mailing [for sales promotion].”