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Better Option Than Printer Photos at Home: Photo Kiosks

As we discussed in our previous article about alternative options for printer your photos, printing photos at home can me more expensive than you think.  Previously we discussed the option of using online photo printers to upload your images to and have them mail you the prints or various photo gifts offered.

Another easy option that gives you great quality photos are photo kiosks that you find in several stores around town.

You can even bring your camera with you and get the photos directly from your camera’s memory card.  The photos show up on the kiosks screen when you choose the photos you want to print.

Most have great options that allow you to edit the photos before you print.  You also choose the print size and quantity of each print.  Then you get your photos!

The price per regular print are much cheaper than the cost per print if you were to do it at home.

Some of the photo kiosks available at Walmart, will let you upload the photos from home and then go and pick them up the Walmart you choose to help you save time.