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Simple Ways to Reduce the Enironmental Footprint for Your Printer

We are all looking for ways to be more conscience of our impact on the environment. Printer users can follow simple steps to reduce their environmental footprint:Use two-sided printing to save paper.
Since paper is relatively inexpensive, we tend to be a little wasteful with it.  But the fact is, this is one of the easiest ways for us to reduce.  Yes, it might take a little more forethought to have to physically turn a piece of paper around.  Another simple way to use two-side printing is when we are printing things that are not important.  Just keep any prints that you make that can be discarded in a nice neat stack.  Then print on the backs of those pages whenever possible.

Turn the printer off.
You can greatly improve printer efficiency by switching off after use.  Even on standby mode, the printer uses electricity.

Print in draft mode.
Print in the draft mode to reduce the amount of ink used.

Use high yield cartridges.
Using high yield ink and toner cartridges whenever available will reduce the waste of throwing away as many empty cartridges.

Recycle cartridges.
your ink and toner cartridges.  There are many recycling services available.

User your printer longer.
Make a good choice in selecting a printer that will last you several years.

Buy an efficient printer.
Make a good choice in selecting a printer that has high yield cartridges to reduce the amount of waste from the ink cartridges.

Recycle your printer.
Recycle your printer once you replace it.

Use Wi-Fi.
Share printer at home through Wi-Fi.