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Printer Purchasing Guide and Buying Tips

Many people purchase printers when they are under pressure to quickly buy one. This can lead to getting a printer that is not the right printer for their printing needs. Here are a few quick buying tips that can help you make a good purchase.

There are two basic types of printers – Ink Jet Printer and Laser Printer.

Printer Purchasing Guide:

1) Consider the Printing Quality

Both Laser & inkjet printers are able to print high quality. But generally, you will find that laser printers will produce a cleaner, crisp copy. Inkjet printers work by literally spraying ink onto paper, therefore, you will not get the crisp clean copy as you will with a laser printer.

2) How is the Printer Going to Connect to Your Computer?

This is a question you might not think of. But you want to consider how you want to connect this printer to your existing home or office network. If you only have one computer at home, the option might be simple – It will connect directly to my computer.

Yet, if you have a small home network work you need to consider – If you connect it directly to one of the computers, what will happen when that computer is not on? So, then, even in a home environment, a printer with direct network assess might be a better option for you.

Either way, have this question answered before you go looking for printers. It will make it easier to rule out a printer that will not fit your needs.

3) Printing Speed.

You might not care how long it takes to print if you do not print many items. But if speed is a consideration you need to make, then a laser printer will be the faster of the two.

4) Price.

When you start your search you will notice something very quickly – Laser printers costs more than inkjets.

But that is not the whole story! You have to consider the overall price of your printer and take into account ink prices and how long your printer will last.

The price of toner cartridges for your laser might cost a little more for one, but your toner cartridge will outlast those tiny ink jet cartridges. We provided technical service to a small office that was literally purchasing buying a $27 ink cartridge every week for their office printer! There were only two people in the office.

We quickly advised them of the benefits of a laser prompting them to switch. With the laser printer they only purchased a toner cartridge every 8 to 10 months! Even with the toner cartridge costing $60 you can see the cost savings.

In addition, the laser printer itself, will tend to have a longer life than a less expensive inkjet printer.