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Lexmark Z1300 – Ideal Single Function Printer

lexmarkThe Lexmark Z1300 is the most inexpensive printer in the market with a price tag of just $25. Compared to that, HP’s cheapest inkjet, the DeskJet D2430 comes for $40. The surprising fact was that Z1300 was highly competitive than its pricier counterpart. If you don’t need great print quality and basic inkjet for convenience, the Lexmark Z1300 is a perfect bargain.

Design and Features:

The Lexmark Z1300’s basic design portrays its most basic functionality. Its 100 sheet support for input protrudes from rear and its output tray comes from the front. Since the Z1300 is of basic nature, there aren’t other features to speak about than its bundled software. In terms of printer-related assistance, the Lexmark Solution Center is a one-stop shop.

The information is easy-to-find and well-organized. Yet another program is the Lexmark Imaging Studio which simplifies basic tasks such as printing large posters, photos and creating slide shows. However, it falls well in terms of creative tasks like printing of greeting cards – the offered layouts don’t have much to feature photos.

In terms of performance, the Lexmark Z1300 was surprisingly good, tying or besting sub $100 competition. While black tests were printed at 6.82 ppm, a hair faster than Lexmark’s more expensive Z1420 (6.68 ppm), photo printing speeds were tied with Canon iP1800 and Lexmark Z1420 with 0.72 ppm score.