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Epson Released Updated Drivers for Mac OS X Snow Leopard

Epson has released updated drivers for the Mac OS X Snow Leopard. This includes Epson’s All-in-One printers and Epson scanners.

Many driver CD’s that come with new printers might already have a driver the Macintosh OS X 10.6.  It is suggested that you check the driver disk first.

If the CD states it has support for the Mac Snow Leopard, just follow the instructions that came with your Epson printer.  You will be able to install the drivers and any other software without any issues.

If your Epson driver CD does not indicate clearly that it supports the Mac OS x10.6 it is important that you do NOT insert the Epson CD into your Snow Leopard computer.

Epson has released step by step instructions for all supported printers and scanners on their website