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Printer Ink Money Saving Tips

Everyone is always looking how to save a few dollars. Here are quick and easy ideas that can help your printing budget.

1) Buy Cartridges that Cost Less

Yes. It seems obvious, but the printer and retail industry has not been honest with us. Image that! Advertising makes it seem that the best prices you can get on in cartridges are the ones you can get in the retail market. That is not true.

There are many ways of replacing printer ink. You can buy brand new printer cartridges from the printer manufacturer; buy remanufactured OEM cartridges, compatible cartridges or printer ink refill kits. Of all the options available compatible cartridges and refill kits are the least expensive. These offer good value for money and the print is of good quality.

2) Buy Printer Cartridges Online

There are several online dealers of printer ink and cartridges. These online dealers offer discounts on purchases. Buying online gives you the option of doing your research on the various suppliers and choosing the best discount price. These suppliers will deliver printer cartridges free of cost right at your doorstep, saving you money on traveling and shipping.

3) Do NOT Print Photos on your Printer

This may seem odd since the market is full of printers specifically made for printing photos. The bottom line is that photo printer ink is very expensive. Photo paper is not cheap. You can get photos printed at Walmart or your local drug store for far cheaper than you can print them yourself! Really. Also, they will look better. If you do not want to drive anywhere, you can even find sites online where you can upload your photos and they will mail them back to you.

4) Be Prepared

If you use your printer a lot, then think ahead. Having an extra printer cartridge at home will save you money. If your printer suddenly runs out of ink you don’t have to go to the retail printer store and buy printer ink at a considerably higher price. Online printer ink dealers offer cartridges and ink at a much lower price than the retail store and there is no harm in having an extra cartridge at home.

5) Look Ahead

Inkjet printer ink, per ounce, is usually priced higher than gold. Really. So when you’re shopping for a printer, check those ink cartridge prices. And be careful with very inexpensive inkjet printers. If you compare the cartridge price with the amount of ink in there, you’ll realize where they’re making money.

6) Consider Using a Laser Printer

If you are a small business owner or you print in large volume, you really should be using a laser printer instead. Monochrome (black, greyscale) is fine. Remember to look past the higher price for the printer ($100+) and the toner cartridge ($50+), and instead look at the MUCH lower cost per-page (2500 pages and up on a single cart). Also, laser printers last much longer, and are more easily repaired.

7) Check for Separate Ink Tanks for Each Color

Ink jet printers have two options for the how the cartridges will come: Either with a total of two cartridges (1 black and 1 color), or you will have individual colors (1 black, 1 cyan, 1 magenta, 1 yellow, some with more if it is a photo printer).

You will always save money if you purchase a printer that has separate color cartridges. If your printer has separate color cartridges, you will only have to change the 1 color that is low. When you have a color cartridge that shares all three colors, you will always end up running out of one color first. Thus, having to throw away good ink even if only one color is low.